Welcome to Hide and Create

Welcome to Hide and Create your online writing workshop and podcast! The show is about the business of writing from the perspective of an indie success story, a DAW author, a tie-in author, and a freelance editor. Whatever your chosen path, we have advice that will help you along it!

In our premier show, we talk about the many avenues that exist for entrance into the magical world of publishing. Writing, editing, slush reading, meeting the right people, dumb luck, or just working your heinie off; everyone’s story is unique. This is how Moses Siregar III, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger and Joshua Essoe did it.

Which is right for you? How can you get in the door? What do you do when you’re in that door? We’ll be exploring all these topics as well as craft, cons, celebrities, games and movies. If it’s sci-fi or fantasy you’ll find something about it here. And if you don’t, write in and let us know.



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