Monthly Archives: December 2012

Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 2

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, David Dalglish, Diana Rowland and Jordan Ellinger continue with part two of last week’s show about self-promotion for writers.

We discuss writing communities, and responding to negative book reviews, and why that’s bad, m’kay? Press releases and how to handle them, paying for reviews, and definitely not enough Felicia Day.

Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 1

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, David Dalglish, Diana Rowland and Jordan Ellinger talk about self-promotion for writers.

How can writers promote themselves wisely? We discuss many of the tools available and how to use them efficiently without costing yourself too much money (or embarrassment). What is a waste of time? How do you organize your website and Facebook page? How do you use Facebook and Twitter effectively? What ad space will turn into sales? And maybe how to summon a demon or two.

But only fictional ones. Sorry.

Dirty Little Writing Secrets

In today’s writing podcast — deep, dark writing and editing secrets. We’ve all got them. What are yours?

Honestly we could probably fill more than one episode with these little guys. Rowland, Ellinger, Dalglish and Essoe divulge their secrets about writing every day, how and when to use spare moments to write, degrees, fall back careers . . . and being pretty.

Go on. Give a listen. You know you want to know.

Writing Methods to our Madness

Are you an incessant editor? Do you skip around your manuscript or leave notes to yourself that you come back to fix later on? Do you need eight cups of coffee to get motivated? What is a “TK,” and what does DSCR stand for?

In this week’s episode, David Dalglish, Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, and Diana Rowland discuss the strategies and methods they use to get motivated and to increase their word count. Their strategies vary from the “Muscle Draft” to “Writing by the Seat of Your Pants.”

Have a listen and maybe you can find a strategy that works for you!