Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 2

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, David Dalglish, Diana Rowland and Jordan Ellinger continue with part two of last week’s show about self-promotion for writers.

We discuss writing communities, and responding to negative book reviews, and why that’s bad, m’kay? Press releases and how to handle them, paying for reviews, and definitely not enough Felicia Day.

Joshua EssEDITORoe is a full-time, freelance editor. He’s edited for David Farland, Dean Lorey, Mark Lefebvre, James A. Owen, and many top-notch independents and winners of Writers of the Future. Read some of his other articles for Kobo, Grammar Girl, and Fictorians.

4 thoughts on “Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 2

  1. I’ve heard from authors that you need to reserve your own name as a brand name for things like Twitter handles and web page addresses, is this true? How do you “get people interested in you” *and* maintain a legitimate public persona while weeding out the “I’m your Number One Fan!” types of people?

    1. I definitely would (and have!). I don’t think you SHOULD weed out “I’m your Number One Fan!” types of people. You want evangelical fans. Those guys are gold!

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