Writing Methods to our Madness

Are you an incessant editor? Do you skip around your manuscript or leave notes to yourself that you come back to fix later on? Do you need eight cups of coffee to get motivated? What is a “TK,” and¬†what does DSCR stand for?

In this week’s episode, David Dalglish,¬†Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, and Diana Rowland discuss the strategies and methods they use to get motivated and to increase their word count. Their strategies vary from the “Muscle Draft” to “Writing by the Seat of Your Pants.”

Have a listen and maybe you can find a strategy that works for you!


EDITORJoshua Essoe is a full-time, freelance editor. He’s edited for David Farland, Dean Lorey, Mark Lefebvre, James A. Owen, and many top-notch independents and winners of Writers of the Future. Read some of his other articles for Kobo, Grammar Girl, and Fictorians.


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