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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Writing Short Stories vs. Novels

This week on Hide and Create Moses Siregar, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger and Joshua Essoe discuss the differences between writing a short story and writing a novel. The old advice was to train yourself writing short fiction, then graduate to novel-length works. The short fiction market was an easier sell, you could cut your teeth in publishing … Continue reading Writing Short Stories vs. Novels

Moving Into Full-time Writing

This week on Hide and Create Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland, Joshua Essoe and Moses Siregar discuss how to shift into writing full time. In 2010 when I decided to be a full-time editor, I had studied my market for months. I spoke with professionals in that field, I educated myself, I created a business plan, I … Continue reading Moving Into Full-time Writing

Writing Compelling Settings

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, and David Dalglish discuss how to craft compelling and believable settings. As an editor, one of the most frequent hiccups I see in the manuscripts submitted to me are confusing or vague settings. Sometimes the author has forgotten to write one altogether. This, … Continue reading Writing Compelling Settings

Writing Environments

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, and David Dalglish discuss writing environments and tools. Lives outside of writing — we’ve all got them. Well most of us.  How do you combat the evil and powerful monster of laziness? And when you are writing, what are the best tools to have … Continue reading Writing Environments