Monthly Archives: February 2013

Writing Opposite-Sex Characters

This week on Hide and Create Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, Diana Rowland, and Moses Siregar discuss writing a character of the opposite sex. Jordan talks about the “man with boobs” cliché, while Diana discusses how her background in law enforcement prepared her for writing male characters. Moses shares his thoughts on how he developed the female protagonist of his novel The Black God’s War. Finally, Joshua offers pointers on how to avoid mistakes he sometimes spots in his clients’ work.

Writing Conventions for Newbies

This week on Hide and Create Joshua Essoe, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger and Moses Siregar give you a roadmap for how to navigate the confusing world of writing conventions. Discussion ranges from how to act on a panel to whether or not you should cosplay, as well as how to avoid a few common pitfalls.

In addition to covering etiquette, “bar con” and the green room, we share a few convention horror stories.

Have a question that wasn’t covered in the podcast? Leave it in the comments and it could be answered on a future show!

Writing Workshops

This week on Hide and Create Diana Rowland, Joshua Essoe, Moses Siregar, and Jordan Ellinger discuss workshops for writers. We cover everything from Writing Superstars to the Clarions, and Writers of the Future. Mainly, we focus on the different types of workshops (those geared to improve your writing vs those designed to teach you the business of writing), and share a few stories about our own workshop experiences.

For Joshua’s list of recommended reading material click here.

Writing Methods, Environments, and Promotion! Oh My!

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland and Joshua Essoe continue the discussion with Moses on previous subjects: writing methods, writing environments, and self-promotion.

Moses shares some valuable insights on his experience with indie publishing his novel The Black God’s War, and talks about developing the setting for his latest novella “The Children of Wood and Wind”. Diana and Jordan debate how detailed you should make your settings, while Joshua expands on creating the perfect writing environment.

Settings and More Dirty Little Secrets! Oh My!

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland and Joshua Essoe discuss a new take and offer more insight on our previous subjects: writing methods, dirty little writing secrets, writing environments, self-promotion, and settings.

If you loved our previous shows, you’ll love this one even more because in part one we talk about a couple previous episode topics, allowing Moses to get his two-cents in. Or three or four cents in.