Settings and More Dirty Little Secrets! Oh My!

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland and Joshua Essoe discuss a new take and offer more insight on our previous subjects: writing methods, dirty little writing secrets, writing environments, self-promotion, and settings.

If you loved our previous shows, you’ll love this one even more because in part one we talk about a couple previous episode topics, allowing Moses to get his two-cents in. Or three or four cents in.


3 thoughts on “Settings and More Dirty Little Secrets! Oh My!

  1. On the map debate, I agree that you don’t have to specify the amount of time it took your characters to reach a particular place, but you need to be aware of external events that could date those journeys unintentionally or throw in some inconsistencies- An army did X, in the time it took your characters to move from A to B. Also if you’re shuffling your pieces around a lot without a map, it can become more of a chore to remain vague about everything.

    I guess I fall somewhere between the two. I use maps extensively, but like an explorer of old, I pencil them in as I go along. Then if my characters ever have to cross through those lands again, I know: a) What the terrain should look like. b) If they took the most logical route and c) how long it should take and whether they should arrive at midnight, morning or late afternoon.
    But yeah, I guess it depends on what kind of novel you’re writing.

    1. All true, Brad. I do much the same as you when I work on my trunk epic fantasy. I’ll start with a pre-conceived land, but change it to suite my (and my characters’) needs as I go. Sometimes they find much cooler stuff than I thought was down there.

      1. Oh almost always. That’s why I don’t trust myself to create an entire map up front. And also- I must confess- it’s sometimes cool to let loose that dog inside and drop a mountain in front of them… just because you can 🙂

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