Inspiration to Write

Today on Hide and Create Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar, Diana Rowland and Joshua Essoe talk about inspiration.

Can you write while you’re not inspired? Some say writing is a job and you don’t have to be inspired to do it. You just do it. Because you have to. Some things in this writing life don’t need inspiration — if you can’t find your voice or can’t get the words flowing, you can edit, you can promote, you can work on a blog piece. There is always something to do.

But where does inspiration come from when you need it? Where can you find that spark to light the fire of your creativity?

All over.

Do me a favor. Next time you go out, keep your eyes open. Cast out your idea-net and go trawling. I guarantee that if you pay attention you’ll see or hear or taste things that will inspire plots, characters and wonderful, specific details.




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