Health and the Writer

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger and Moses Siregar talk about your health!

“God, I hope they don’t die before finishing the series!” We’ve all thought it. Just don’t let it be about you.

Listen and learn, my beauties. We’re working to save lives here.

5 thoughts on “Health and the Writer

    1. Hi, Stephan. Thanks for writing in.
      The thing I see repeated over and over about monitor height is that the ideal position is one that doesn’t cause your neck to tilt upward or down in order to see what’s on the screen. A monitor that’s too high or too low not only causes eye strain, it can cause a sore back, neck and shoulders. So the best advice seems to be to align the top of your screen with your eyes.

      1. Repetition is not a guarantee of accuracy. If you read the papers on the two pages I included, you’ll see that there is a good physiological reason why the monitor should be below eye level.

  1. This episode was a real eye-opener. I’m dealing with swollen ankles and feet when I sit down and write. I also sit all day in my day job (transit city bus operator) so that doesn’t help. I have to elevate my feet all of the time now and drink more water. I think the only group of creatives more unhealthy than writers are musicians.

    1. Frightening isn’t it, Victoria? I hope there are times and places for you to be able to get up and move around in your day job. Maybe try standing when you write from now on. It sounds easy, but it definitely takes some getting used to — it may be harder to concentrate at first, and your body will complain at you. Don’t feel like you’re failing if you have to take breaks from it and alternate standing and sitting when you start.

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