To Write Urban Fantasy

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar, Joshua Essoe and Jaye Wells talk about Urban Fantasy.

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know what exactly this Urban Fantasy genre is; there is a lot of confusion over it and what qualifies a book to fit into it. Harry Potter is the biggest example I can think of.

There is a lot of confusion between UF, and Paranormal Romance. The two biggest differences are that, 1) PR ends with a happily-ever-after; and 2) if you remove the romance from a PR, the story falls apart — but if you remove it from UF, the story remains viable. 

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2 thoughts on “To Write Urban Fantasy

  1. So…what is it if the stuff (as much as applicable) that goes down in an urban fantasy takes place in the country or a small rural town…say like Midnight MS…Hot Coffee or Two Eggs (yes real places)…or at the Dry Creek Water Park (also in MS and also real)…is it still “urban” fantasy or is it something else…Rural Fantasy perhaps …you know stuff like a Mennonite farmer pulls up a stump from a downed lightening struck tree to discover a glowing ancient artifact entangled in its roots…gains special powers that make his farm the envy of the community…but then deliberately boogers it up so as not to seem a show off, which forces him to wrestle with his conscience, torn between living a lie and being a stumbling block…ends up a lonesome wanderer, doing flawlessly executed odd jobs and expert home gardening for needy strangers he meets out on the road.

    Seriously though…does urban fantasy have to be urban…and if it isn’t then is it some other sub genre of fantasy?

  2. I think it’s the “urban” part that confuses most people. Perhaps it would have been better to call it “contemporary” fantasy. A lot of UF takes place in cities, but not all. What sets UF apart from traditional fantasy is that it generally happens in a recognizable our world, modern-ish setting, as opposed to a created world. Hope that helps.

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