Defending Our Writing Paths

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Jaye Wells, and Moses Siregar talk about why the path they took into publishing is the best.

When you decide to get become writer you should definitely start with tie-in writing. Or when you hit the path toward a  professional writing career, the best way to begin is to go through a traditional publisher with your original novel. Perhaps, what I mean to say is, if you want to make a living as a pro-author you have to go indie, cause it’s the best. Well, actually, what most don’t know is if you really want to break into the publishing industry the absolute best way is to first become an editor and get your chops working on both your own and others’ work.

There, the secret is out.

10 thoughts on “Defending Our Writing Paths

  1. Oh, good, I’ve been waiting to hear this one.

    Great show, as always. Some days I think there’s no option that looks appealing to me, and I want to forget about the whole thing. No matter what path you choose, the odds of success are so long that it seems like we all have to be crazy to even try.

    A year ago, there was no question in my mind that I’d go the traditional route, but after doing a LOT of reading, I now I think independent publishing is the right path for me. Definitely not for everyone, but for me, and I want it to be my first choice rather than a last resort. I have many writer friends who feel differently, and that’s great. I’m glad there are options now so we can all do what we think is best for our books and our careers.

    (I had a lot more thoughts on this, but I won’t clutter up your comments section. Hooray for self-editing!)

    1. Kate,

      We just finished recording 4 30 min long episodes where we take turns interviewing each other and we go into much more detail about our specific paths. We’ll be airing them in December. Hopefully they provide even more insight as to which way you want to go!

      1. Hey, Kate — just remember, if you’re persistent enough and you keep striving to improve your craft, you will get published and/or noticed. It’s just the wherewithal to stick with it — all aspects of it.

  2. You guys can’t even argue correctly because you’re all too darn nice! Conflict, Conflict, Conflict!

    Honestly, I enjoyed this podcast a lot. Self-publishing seems scary as sin, but I’m having no luck on the on the traditional side. I’d like to try some tie-in work, but how in the heck do you find those contacts? Is there a sheet similart to a casting call, or do you have to know somebody?

    I’ve been listening and re-listening (shuffle mode is awesome) to these podcasts in my car for over a month now, and I’m _still_ learning stuff from podcasts I’ve heard many times before. I wonder how I missed it before–It seems like new stuff just appears out of nowhere!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, as usual. You all are great!

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