Writing Blogs with Jim C. Hines: Part 1

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, Moses Siregar and Jaye Wells talk with Jim Hines about blogging!

Get to know Jim, one of the kings of blogs. Next week we get more into the nitty-gritty of blogging and how, why, and even if, you should.

Jim’s URLs
Blog:  http://www.jimchines.com/blog//
Benefit Calendar: http://thetinkerspacks.bigcartel.com/product/2014-year-of-the-poser-calendar 


One thought on “Writing Blogs with Jim C. Hines: Part 1

  1. I was standing here, trying to remember why I knew Jim’s name. It’s the fantasy cover photos. Genius. Loved that. Going to go look again, actually.

    I enjoy blogging. I don’t aggressively pursue building an audience (and can’t say I’d know how to do that without having a book to offer), but I’ve made some amazing, supportive friends/followers through it this year, and gained two valuable critique partners. As far as content, I agree that there’s nothing original about an “I’m an aspiring author, this is my journey” theme. I prefer the idea that yes, we should share what we’re working on, etc., but that people are more likely to care about our work if they know us as people. There are thousands of people writing in my genre, but there’s only one me, so I’m going to put that out there. I only have 300 followers now, but that’s about 275 more than I expected to have.

    I think whether or not you do it should depend on what your goals are and whether you enjoy it, just like any social media.

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