Writing Podcast: A Year In Review

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar, Jaye Wells, and a returning Diana Rowland discuss the last year developing and recording Hide and Create.

First there was an Essoe and an Ellinger. Then there was a Dalglish and a Rowland. The Dalglish had to move along, move along, but then came a Siregar the Third. The Rowland went Walk About and gave us a Wells. The Rowland will be back.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for making this first year of shows so much fun and so successful. We’ll be back again next week with Season 2! No rest for the wicked.

7 thoughts on “Writing Podcast: A Year In Review

  1. Happy anniversary! I’m so happy I found this podcast back in the summer. You guys are always as entertaining as you are informative.

    It was nice to hear Diana’s voice again, and I’m glad she’s got her balls fluffed.

  2. Love your podcast as I’ve already stated. I think I started listening shortly after Mr. Siglar joined full time thus becoming an irregular interviewer on the other long running podcast he was a regular contributor on until a few months ago. I have noted though you guys don’t seem as “invested” in the end of show writing prompts as you once were. Granted they are meant more as fun ideas (so it seems) but do you all ever try them…or do you receive listener submissions of those who tried them? Any of them entertaining and shareable? Do you intent to take a break over Christmas and New Years? Here’s looking forward to a great next year. Hope to learn a ton. Joyous Nativity. rwhegwood

    1. Hey, Robert.
      Let’s see . . . Moses’s last name is Siregar, but I think Siglar is a pretty amusing alternative.
      Were we ever invested in end of show writing prompts? I guess we were so uninvested that I don’t even remember them! I’ll bring it up to see if it is something anyone wants to restart.
      No break here — as you will see in about half an hour, the first episode of season two is going live!

      1. Dang…my bad. My apologies to Mr. Siregar. I have no idea why one name mutated into another in my mind…careless listening or careless fact checking on correct spellings before I posted…careless in any event. My only consolation is I got the first and last pairs of letters correct. The muddle in the middle is a mystery.

        As for the the writing prompts…that’s another mutation…somehow the end of show tag “Now go hide and create something”merged with the end of show bumper for Writing Excuses…and their last episode before my post prompted that remark…yet when I decided to mention it in a post for some reason I was thinking Hide and Create. Perhaps the two bumpers fused conceptually into “You are out of excuses now go hide and create something.”

        Once again, my profound apologies.

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