Writing Different Points of View, Part One

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Debbie Viguie, Jordan Ellinger and Joshua Essoe start talking about point of view.

Week one of our discussion about POV where we discuss pros and cons of writing stories with multiple viewpoints, why you should and shouldn’t, what might be better about sticking with a single character and when you might want to do it, what is good about third person, what is good about first, and pitfalls to avoid.

One thought on “Writing Different Points of View, Part One

  1. I’ve listened to every podcast and liked that he team was objective and accepting of every writing style. This time, I felt single POV was written off as a simplistic, a trick for young readers, and less sophisticated adult readers. Some tried to point out the strengths of 1st POV but were overridden. It felt like the type of dissing genre writing gets.
    For some stories, It’s better not to know what everyone is thinking and doing behind the scenes. I like the mystery of this—it’s realistic, that’s how life works. As far as “you know that character will live”. Live or die is seldom the most compelling part of a story. How character’s LIVE with tragedy and life’s changes is often the real story.
    Some stories are better told in single POV, some in multiple, the only judgment is which POV does each specific story the most justice. Besides that, previous co-host Diana writes in first person 😉

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