How to get Reviews for Your Book and Get Noticed

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger, Debbie Viguie, and Joshua Essoe speak with Michael J. Sullivan about getting your name and your books out to the masses.

One way to get more well-written and highly regarded reviews is to ask Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers to take a look at your book. It’s a tough spot to get, and these people take it very seriously — which is great for you and your book because they’ll take your work seriously too. They’re usually fast readers with good turn-around, they may have large social media platforms that can get you even more exposure, and good reviews from them look great on your Amazon page.

This ties right in to the gatekeeper arguments — traditionally published books are “good” because they go through a professional process and are stamped with the approval of editors and publishers. Indie books don’t have that stamp — or do they? All that stamp is, is an unbiased, approval given by a person considered to be experienced in the field. And that is exactly what a good review from one of these top reviewers gives you.

In fact I read some amazing stats, they’re from 2012, but still amazing. Authors who got positive reviews from these top reviewers had on average 25% more reviews of their books, and 32% more revenue for their latest releases.

So in addition to what we speak about on this episode, this is another avenue you can explore.

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