Witchcraft and More About Magic Systems in Writing

This week on Hide and Create Joshua Essoe, Debbie Viguie, Michael Sullivan and Jordan Ellinger discuss different kinds of magic systems!

Witchery and necromancy and mojo and hoodoo, no matter what you call it, magic is integral to many stories in fiction. We’ve spoken about detailed magic systems that are thoroughly explained. But what about softer magic systems?

Magic systems don’t always have to be hyper-detailed, many authors prefer a much more vague system used mainly for mood, and setting, and backdrop, creating the illusion about how it might be possible rather than explaining it like a science.

Using soft magic systems like that are just as effective and evocative as any hard system; it just depends on what kind of story you want to tell.

Happy Hallow’s Eve, dear listeners! Don’t use up all the fireballs and bat wings this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Witchcraft and More About Magic Systems in Writing

  1. Deep inside the earth there dwells some monsters waiting their favourite spells;
    If you will, if you dare, say these words by bright moonlight;
    Let spirits loose on Halloween night.
    We call you forth, come to us soon;
    We let you howl at the moon;
    We set you free, for fairy frights;
    Fill the night with scary sights;
    We let you growl, let you scare;
    If you dare, we won’t care;
    We call you forth, from all about;
    From all about, we call you out;
    Do your worst, you the cursed;
    Satisfy your frightening thirst;
    Walk with us but don’t be mean;
    Find new ways to make us scream;
    No one else can do it well;
    Listen closely to my spell.

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