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Writing Mysteries

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Debbie Viguie, Moses Siregar and Jordan Ellinger talk about writing a good mystery. One of the most important things in constructing a mystery is determining why your readers care about the mystery. Is the victim someone likable and innocent? Will readers want to avenge the victim’s death? […]

Writing Characters with Disabilities

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger and Joshua Essoe speak with book-reviewing super star, Sarah Chorn about writing characters with disabilities. Writing a character, whether a viewpoint character or supporting character, with a disability requires special consideration. Listen on for our thoughts on how to do this honestly, with sensitivity, and […]

An Interview with Debbie Viguie

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger interviews the newest addition to the Hide and Create family, Debbie Viguie! In two weeks, Debbie will officially be stepping into the traditional author’s spot, and we couldn’t be happier to have someone with her experience and knowledge joining the show. Cruise on over to Debbie’s website […]

Publishing Disasters

This week on Hide and Create, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger and Joshua Essoe talk with author, Jonathan Wood about the pitfalls an author can fall into with publishers. From the Nightshade debacle to tie-ins damaging your good name, here are a couple stories to learn from and keep in mind as you progress forward in […]

Writing with a Collaborator

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and special guest Debbie Viguie talk about writing with a collaborator. Writing with a collaborator, with a partner, can be a tremendously satisfying and rewarding process. If you do, you need to have really clear lines of communication. Set up all the boundaries […]

Best of Diana Rowland: Writing Secrets

We are diligently continuing our search for an amazing person to take over Diana’s spot. We’ve got some good leads and will be following up on them and recording new content very shortly. For now, let’s take the Way Back Machine and set it for early last year when we discussed some of our deepest, […]

Writing the Down Ending

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe appropriately talk about writing downer endings on this, Diana’s last episode. It’s controversial. While it’s true that life is just as much about sadness, pain, and the loss of hope as it is about wonder, beauty, and happiness, a lot […]