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Pros and Cons of Publishing with a Small Press

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Michael Sullivan, Debbie Viguie, and Jordan Ellinger talk about publishing with small presses. A small press can be the stepping-stone to your big, bad career, and unlike in self-publishing, your work is endorsed by a gatekeeper who believes in you and your work. And that counts for […]

An Interview with Michael J. Sullivan

This week on Hide and Create, Debbie Viguie interviews our new co-host, Michael J. Sullivan! Welcome Mike Sullivan to the crew, taking over our Indie Sensation seat from Moses. Mike has decades of experience, has sold 10,000 books a month, and been published every which way but loose.  We are happy having his wisdom added […]

An Interview with David Dalglish

This week on Hide and Create Joshua Essoe catches up with David Dalglish about publishing with both Orbit and 47North, co-authoring a series, and the differences between publishing traditionally and independently. Part five (of six) of our series of episodes where we interview the hosts (present and past) of Hide and Create.

Defending Our Writing Paths

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Jaye Wells, and Moses Siregar talk about why the path they took into publishing is the best. When you decide to get become writer you should definitely start with tie-in writing. Or when you hit the path toward a  professional writing career, the best way […]

What Not To Do In Publishing

This week on Hide and Create Moses Siregar, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, and Joshua Essoe talk about what you shouldn’t do in the publishing business. Don’t be a dick.  Take care not to take advantage. Meet your deadlines. Don’t join in the mob-trash-talk. Don’t take rejection personally. Help when you can. Build your platform, but don’t […]

Writing Awesome First Pages

This week on Hide and create, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about writing kick-butt openings. There are plenty of good guidelines and rules — don’t start with dialogue, give the entire novel in the first sentence, give yourself a focus for the scene, intro your character with a name, don’t […]

Making Money Writing (or Editing)

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about making money as a traditionally published author, a tie-in author, an indie writer, and a freelance editor. You’ll hear about our expenses and our revenue streams–we left nothing on the table in this episode!