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An Interview with David Dalglish

This week on Hide and Create Joshua Essoe catches up with David Dalglish about publishing with both Orbit and 47North, co-authoring a series, and the differences between publishing traditionally and independently.

Part five (of six) of our series of episodes where we interview the hosts (present and past) of Hide and Create.

Defending Our Writing Paths

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Jaye Wells, and Moses Siregar talk about why the path they took into publishing is the best.

When you decide to get become writer you should definitely start with tie-in writing. Or when you hit the path toward a  professional writing career, the best way to begin is to go through a traditional publisher with your original novel. Perhaps, what I mean to say is, if you want to make a living as a pro-author you have to go indie, cause it’s the best. Well, actually, what most don’t know is if you really want to break into the publishing industry the absolute best way is to first become an editor and get your chops working on both your own and others’ work.

There, the secret is out.

What Not To Do In Publishing

This week on Hide and Create Moses Siregar, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, and Joshua Essoe talk about what you shouldn’t do in the publishing business.

Don’t be a dick.  Take care not to take advantage. Meet your deadlines. Don’t join in the mob-trash-talk. Don’t take rejection personally. Help when you can. Build your platform, but don’t spend all your time promoting. Don’t forget that your main job is writing. Everything in this field is finding that delicate balance, and timing. Don’t be the person who sells sells sells themselves. Pay close attention to submission guidelines. Build your personal Voltron. Oh, and remember to wash behind your ears.

Writing Awesome First Pages

This week on Hide and create, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about writing kick-butt openings.

There are plenty of good guidelines and rules — don’t start with dialogue, give the entire novel in the first sentence, give yourself a focus for the scene, intro your character with a name, don’t start with an info dump, don’t start with someone waking or dreaming . . .

But writing a good first page, a good first line, is more than that. To quote Stephen King, “To get scientific about it is a little like trying to catch moonbeams in a jar.”

Here are ways to make your Jar of Moonbeam Catching.

Making Money Writing (or Editing)

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about making money as a traditionally published author, a tie-in author, an indie writer, and a freelance editor. You’ll hear about our expenses and our revenue streams–we left nothing on the table in this episode!

Lies Writers Tell Themselves

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Moses Siregar, Jordan Ellinger and Diana Rowland talk about the lies writers tell themselves.

We all do it. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. And sometimes our own worst advocates! The point is, don’t feel alone. We’re with you, and so is every other writer that ever was.

Self-editing for Writers

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and Diana Rowland discuss the all-important, and absolutely necessary topic of self-editing.

Knowing how to edit your work is just as important as knowing how to write your work; especially as an indie writer author. Even if you plan to turn your manuscript over to a professional freelance editor, you’ve got to do the best job possible on your own before turning it over to your editor. Do your homework: learn your grammar and punctuation, and structure, and fix everything you can. Even be willing to kill your darlings if you need to. Use beta readers. The better the copy your editor receives, the better the quality and more useful the edits you will receive back, and often, the less money you’ll have to shell out.

Writers of the Future

This week on Hide and Create, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about the Writers of the Future short story competition.

Entering the competition can be a nerve-wracking experience, but those crazy days of repeatedly checking for results can lead to some very strong affirmation. The third story I entered got an Honorable Mention, and after I got over the moment of disappointment that I didn’t win the Gold Award that year, I was thrilled. I was on the right track. I was in the top ten percentile. And I knew that with a few tweaks, my story could be publishable.

So this week you can learn some hints and tips for placing, how you can win without even entering the quarter, and what the workshop for the winners is like. We also touch on the sticky issues of scientology and why you shouldn’t hate Diana for winning with her first entry (it’s hard, but try).

Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 1

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, David Dalglish, Diana Rowland and Jordan Ellinger talk about self-promotion for writers.

How can writers promote themselves wisely? We discuss many of the tools available and how to use them efficiently without costing yourself too much money (or embarrassment). What is a waste of time? How do you organize your website and Facebook page? How do you use Facebook and Twitter effectively? What ad space will turn into sales? And maybe how to summon a demon or two.

But only fictional ones. Sorry.

Writing Methods to our Madness

Are you an incessant editor? Do you skip around your manuscript or leave notes to yourself that you come back to fix later on? Do you need eight cups of coffee to get motivated? What is a “TK,” and what does DSCR stand for?

In this week’s episode, David Dalglish, Jordan Ellinger, Joshua Essoe, and Diana Rowland discuss the strategies and methods they use to get motivated and to increase their word count. Their strategies vary from the “Muscle Draft” to “Writing by the Seat of Your Pants.”

Have a listen and maybe you can find a strategy that works for you!