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How to get Reviews for Your Book and Get Noticed

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger, Debbie Viguie, and Joshua Essoe speak with Michael J. Sullivan about getting your name and your books out to the masses. One way to get more well-written and highly regarded reviews is to ask Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers to take a look at your book. It’s a […]

What Not To Do In Publishing

This week on Hide and Create Moses Siregar, Diana Rowland, Jordan Ellinger, and Joshua Essoe talk about what you shouldn’t do in the publishing business. Don’t be a dick.  Take care not to take advantage. Meet your deadlines. Don’t join in the mob-trash-talk. Don’t take rejection personally. Help when you can. Build your platform, but don’t […]

Giving Feedback

This week on Hide and Create, Jordan Ellinger, Diana Rowland, Moses Siregar and Joshua Essoe talk about giving feedback. Human beings in general, and writers in specific, don’t especially enjoy being criticized. Thus, as you can imagine, giving feedback can become a touchy process. It becomes an art. In giving feedback, your job isn’t telling […]


This week on Hide and Create,  Moses Siregar, Joshua Essoe, Jordan Ellinger and Diana Rowland talk rejection! If you’re in this business, if you’re in any creative business, you’re going to get rejected. It’s just going to happen, so you’ve gotta set your stiff upper lip, put on your big boy or your big girl pants and […]

Self-Promotion for Writers: Part 2

This week on Hide and Create, Joshua Essoe, David Dalglish, Diana Rowland and Jordan Ellinger continue with part two of last week’s show about self-promotion for writers. We discuss writing communities, and responding to negative book reviews, and why that’s bad, m’kay? Press releases and how to handle them, paying for reviews, and definitely not enough […]