Translating a document can difficult at time for both the client and the translator. If the client is new to this or either the translator is new to the industry, it will take equal or more time to make each other understand. When translating a document, the client should be able to understand what the translator is saying and the translator should have the creativity and accuracy to delivery the context. Keeping in mind that the context and meaning of the document should not be changed and the legal concept of the document should be maintained at the same time. 

One must ask the client the original language that this document is written in because one document has been translated into many languages and by coming from different sources it can change meanings and context as well. Since it has been passed down from many different translators and one cannot find the other translator trustworthy in terms of his/her work. After the translator gets the original copy, the first thing to do is start the process of translating each and every word and then get a complete meaning of those words line by line, next thing one must do is understand the whole meaning and reason of the document.

Now the translator has to match the document with different fields of law. And if the document is from another country then study the law of the term that is mentioned there as the law is dependent upon culture field of subject. And most client don’t understand legal terms, also these terms and conditions are not transparent when it comes to linguistics. So, the translator has to understand has to understand the client’s position and the other party offers as well. And this is the reason literal legal translation is not enough, a translator has to understand different legalities himself/herself as well.

So, this is the reason that legal translation services are difficult and costly because it not only requires one to translate but the translator has to give information as well, hence this is a kind of technical translation service. This is the problem is that this field has one of the most challenging tasks and requires acute focus on creativity and literal norms at the same time for both translator and the client.