Saving money is such a hard task especially when you just have an entry level job and majority of your pay is spent in paying the rent. Living off on peanut butter sandwiches and drinking tap water must have become your every month’s constant and you have no way out of it. Well, no more because here we are taking tips from top chartered accountant firms in Dubai to see how they save money in their own persona and how we can save it in ours.

  • Cut off on subscriptions

One of the biggest benefits of living alone would be that you get to do whatever you want and however you want to spend the money. What you don’t realize is that you can no longer do the ‘however’ and ‘whatever’ thing because there are actually very important expenses to look after such as paying the bills and rent. Take a clear look at your subscriptions and see where most of the money is going and we bet you would be shocked to see that you are still subscribed to the teens magazine despite being 25. Cut off your daily expenses in which you spend a few bucks but by the end of the month it sums up for a huge amount.

  • Find a part time job

We know that managing one single job at a time is hard enough but you will have to manage another part time one because if you don’t then you better be ready to pay off rental dispute lawyer Dubai as your expenses will keep increasing and rent will be kept avoiding which will lead to a serious dispute. If you consider having a part time job then you can be stress free about your bills but instead have enough money to put in your savings account. Or you can simply cut off most of your subscriptions and daily trips to McDonald’s with a heavy heart which leads us to our next point…

  • Cook at home

Most of your money must be spent in eating out with your friends or having home delivery and orders from your favourite restaurant. Avoid all that and start learning to cook at home because it is healthier and cheaper at the same time. You also get to spend some quality time with yourself.