There are different types of visas and there are different procedures of it as well. And for every country the procedure of getting a visa is different also, to get UAE visa, every country will have different fee. And if you are planning to go UAE with a family, be prepared for a lot of steps and heck of papers you have arrange and deal with. There is temporary residence visa as well. This visa is also known as the pink paper or the pink slip. But this visa has to be sponsored. And only if you have an Emirati citizen you know, an expat resident with a valid UAE permit, an UAE based airline, an UAE based tour agent or a hotel, a person who works for the government or companies who are established in private sectors or companies who are in free zones.

And if you want to move in UAE with a family, it has two ways. Either the person needs to be an expat or the whole family can move together. The best and cheap way is to get a family visa is that one of the family members can get a company visa with a good salary and after a span of 6 months they can called their family on husband, wife, sister, brother or children visa. There are people who have low income and they cannot call their family, what they do is that they ask the employer to increase their salary only in paper and in that way, they can call them up.

Then there is self-employed visa but you have to find a sponsor for that first. The sponsor can be your relative or friend as well. But the friend sponsorship is mostly denied so, its best to find a relative. Or meet anyone online and give them guarantee of any kind they say. Most people ask for cheques or family record certificate where all information of the family is there like the address and ID card numbers. You can also get investors visa in property, entrepreneurs visa or you can also get a freelance visa. And if you want an investor or entrepreneurs visa you have to show that your bank statement is good.

When it comes to meeting people online for sponsorship, it is best to meet those people in UAE in person and get more info. You can get a visit visa and if you get the sponsor visa you will have need get the airport to airport visa change.