People say that opening a business which is related to food and clothes never give disadvantage or loss. And having the idea to open a coffee shop which has become a need and a trend will give you profit slowly but it will be guaranteed. Profit will generate slowly because it will take time for your brand to get a boost and fame. After all, every new business takes one year or two, to get fully started. But you don’t have enough funds to start a new business. What you can do is visit any big office and ask them to give you some space where you can put your coffee bar and after a month you can pay them some money as rent. And if you brew tastes amazing, other offices near you will visit soon. Such business is called a piggyback on another successful business.

You can always open an online coffee shop. Although, you cannot have people tasting your own blend of coffee. Any small website can be constructed and you can digital marketing of it within 100 AED. This will help you start your own brand even if you are buying it from some other person. The way of your dealing will give your business a boost. You can sell coffee bean bags and grounded coffee as well. You can get these coffee bean bag from some other vendor and some vendors also give on credit and take money after a month. But for such business you must know how to target people on the social media. And after your brand becomes famous you can start a small shop.

You can ask your friends, family or colleagues to become partners. One can be the investor and you can manage each and everything like; looking for a shop, thinking of the shop name, where to get the furniture and how to set it in a unique way, the menu and its price, hiring of staff, what brand of coffee and coffee machines your business will use. All this can be very stressful and requires a lot of hard work. And in partnership, the investor will want some profit after some months, so, you have to work really hard to make ends meet.

New businesses are recommended to buy coffee beans in Abu Dhabi and get the latest and fancy coffee machines in Dubai. Because, UAE is amongst the countries who import the best machines and have the latest technology of cultivating the coffee beans.