Merits and demerits of biometric attendance systems

The merits and demerits of biometric attendance system are as follows.

Merits of biometric attendance system

The most important merit of biometric attendance system is that it saves quite a lot of time. If suppose the worker has come to the office a bit late and if there is conventional system for attendance in the office then he would be asked a lot of questions as to why he is late. This thing is quite annoying. On the other hand, if the worker works in an office where there is biometric attendance system and if he is a bit late, he can just quickly mark his attendance through the biometric system and go to his cabin. There would be no one asking questions.

According to some studies, it has been said that the upcoming generation believe that the biometric attendance system is quite trustworthy in comparison to other attendance systems.

The biometric attendance system is extremely accurate. Through this system, any worker can be recognized accurately. The biometric attendance system is unique and distinct for every person and the great thing about the biometric attendance record is that it cannot be copied or made identical. Through the biometric attendance system the time of the arrival as well as the time of leaving of the workers can be checked and this way problems related to theft can be avoided.

Demerits of biometric attendance system

The biggest demerit of the biometric attendance system is the high initial cost. Also, the cost of software, equipment, programmers, browsers, etc. is quite a lot of money and not every firm or business can afford such high costs.

If a person is not physically stable then the biometric attendance system is no use for him. If any person has lost an eye or a finger in any accident then they might not be eligible to use biometric attendance system.

The system of biometric attendance could be a bit complicated. If the person is not very much interested in technology then he would have difficulty understanding this system.

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