When you go to any local store near your house you will definitely notice that the store is using a POS machine for the getting the bill payment. There are different types of POS UAE from which each store will chose to get the most suitable one for their store. If the store is huge and having sales in millions every day then it is more accurate to get the automatic POS machine instead of getting the stand alone machine where all the entries will be by hand. It will take a lot of time to add all the items manually on the POS or to link the stand alone card reader with the POS system to accept the card payments. A small store can get the manual way of accepting but a large store cannot afford to have that to waste the time of the customers. If they have these manual machines that most probably the customers will avoid to come back to that store due to the wastage of time.

When a store uses the manual type retail POS system Dubai then the person behind the cash counter should be very active. They first have to see the list of items the customer buy and then enter them on the machine, then they have to manually write the total amount on the stand alone machine to deduct the amount from the given card of the customer. If the card has enough funds in the bank then the amount will be deducted and a message shows up along with the receipt of the payment. Then you should provide the receipt to the customer.

On the other hand if the store has an automatic integral terminal system then you do not need to separately write the amount. You just have to select the items from the list and the machine will tell you the exact amount then you have to ask for the payment. If the customer has card to pay then you should swipe through the side of the machine on the card slot and it will automatically connects to the card’s bank and deduct the total amount. If they customer pays through the cash then the machine will tell you the amount to be returned and then you should pay them in return.