World’s population has been increased to a greater extent and so the food requirement is. The conventional way of farming is not the ultimate solution to meet the food requirements of the world. So, growth hormones are used in these crops to raise them earlier but there is major disadvantage of growth hormones. These growth hormones causes the earlier growth of plants but these cause damage to our body resulting in the hormone problems in our body. So, as a result hormonal problems had been increased to a greater extent. 

Therefore, to escape from hormone problems vertical farming is the best solution. Because in vertical farming sunlight, nutrients, water and air all are supplied in balanced way. As we all know that, there are chances of crisis of natural sources in future such as water etc. so in this situation vertical farming is the ultimate solution. 

Due to its benefits, vertical farming in UAE has become popular and you can go now to find more vertical farming in Dubai. 

greenhouse farming and vertical farming both are methods of indoor farming but vertical farming is different in some ways. It is considered as high density indoor method because climate conditions are totally controlled in this method. But it requires less surface area as compared to greenhouse farming because stacks are used in vertical layers to grow plants. And techniques are used in which less water is used such as hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic. 

This type of farming does not require high amount of investment to start even you can also start it at your home with minimum investment. The vegetables produced by this method are very close to nature so they are pure. Because natural environment is given to plants but in controlled manner. 

It also saves plants from insects and pests. So the vegetables produced by this method are free from insecticide and pesticide. 

Even now in many countries, vertical farming has been started on large scale. Many countries such as Japan, UAE and USA have started vertical farming at national level. Even some of them are also taking help from software to provide equal and balanced amount of water and nutrients. 

So vertical farming is beneficial at domestic and national level.