Classroom is not than a place. It is a platform where students are prepared for future world. There are many things to add in this pace.  Do you what to know some of them. If yes then see here down and read whole article.

  1. Chairs and tables: They are must to keep in class. They provide space to children and teachers to sit and keep their things. The chairs should be small in size so that children can sit easily but tables should be long so that you would not need to spend slot of money on furniture. You can visit different websites and shops that provide tables and chairs for rent in Dubai to get ideas and varieties. Try to buy colourful and cute furniture that would attract students and toddlers to enter,  sit and spend time in classrooms.
  2. Bookshelf: At first attempt,  it looks unimportant but they ate very important. A teacher can keep course and interest binding books in to build reading culture in class. You can build two to three bookshelves on a big wall or in corner. It can be of cheaper rates. Try to buy wooden bookshelves to keep the class decent and nice. You have option to either Buick a single shelf of big size or two to three shelves of small size.  Whatever you buy, but a shelf at least. It will make children reader and it is the success of a teacher.
  3. Boards: A classroom needs some creativity and materials which can be used to teach and give lessons. Therefore,  there is need to install black or white and soft boards in classrooms which can be used to teach via chalk or markers and posters that can be pinned on soft boards. A single black or white board is enough. It should be hanged on center of class so that everyone can see it but try to install not than two white boards so that more colours will be brought in the room. For this, you can involve students by giving them task and homework to make posters and charts.
  4. Bins: There should be at least one bin in class to keep the place clean and tidy all the time. Try to keep a big bin in class so that you won’t need to clean everyday. Keep it will reach students about cleanliness too.

So,  these are few things which you need to add in classrooms to make them a platform where students can be groomed for future.