Going through such a difficult situation and accepting the fact that you can not become parents can be heart wrenching. But with the advancements of science you can now  go through different treatment options and eliminate this major missing of your life. But for this reason you would like to know each and everything about what your problem is and how it can get treated, what are the treatment procedures and all the important questions. So here is a list of questions that you must bear in mind while talking to your doctor. Even if your doctor is part of one of the best fertility clinics in Dubai, you have the right to ask your questions.


The first question that would come to your mind is how am I going to get diagnosed and what does my diagnoses actually mean, how critical the situation is, how much does this particular situation contribute to infertility, does my partner also needs testing, does my partner have any problem, does my partner contribute to infertility, what if reasons for my infertility are not clear, does my insurance cover these testings.


Sometimes your health and lifestyle play an important role, that is why it is important to ask question about it to your doctor like, are there any habits that are contributing to the infertility like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc., does stress contributes to infertility, how can I cope with infertility stress, does losing or gaining weight helps with treating infertility, what things should I stay away to avoid infertility problems.


What are the treatment options offered by you, what kind of treatment would suit me best, does the treatment involve medications or surgery, what is the success rate of that particular treatment, for example, success rate of IVF in Dubai, what are the risk factors involved, can we try any other treatment before that, what are the chances of multiple births once treatment is applied, what are my chances of recovery, at what time do you think I will be able to conceive.


What are the costs of each treatment option offered, how much would my treatment costs, is it a one time tier or would we have to try it again, are there any hidden charges, would my insurance cover my treatment expenses, are there any discounts, can I pay in instalments, do you offer any packages.