Nervous system disorders are quite common now a days and these may include trauma, tumors, brain infections, stroke and vascular disorders. So your brain health is also necessary to lead a happy life. So you must visit regularly to your neurosurgeon but for this you must choose best neurosurgeon in Dubai just like the way you go to best endocrinologist in Dubai to treat hormonal disorders.

Therefore, in this article we have enlisted some tips by which you can find best neurosurgeon.

Find it through your contacts:  It will always be wise choice if you find neurosurgeon through your contacts. Health care providers, family, physicians and friends are always best sources to give information about neurosurgeons. You can also know about their experience, behavior etc.

Research profile before visiting:  Internet is the best source to check profiles of neurosurgeons before visiting them. The profiles of surgeons show their experience, skills, competence, training hospital and certifications. In short, you can get complete biodata of  neurosurgeons before visiting and upon your satisfaction you should visit neurosurgeon.

Consider his experience:  Experience matters a lot for proper diagnosis and treatment. Treatment always depends upon proper diagnosis and only an experienced neurosurgeon can do proper diagnosis. You can also talk with patients of similar problems who have already visited to that neurosurgeon.

Selection of Gender:  selection of gender is so important while choosing neurosurgeon for you. If you are female and you don’t find it easy to talk with male neurosurgeon then you must go for female neurosurgeon where you are comfortable to talk. Mental peace is so important while talking with your doctor.

Hospital Quality:  Quality of hospital determines the quality of treatment given to patients. Cleanliness of hospital, behavior of staff and doctors, quality of diagnostic tests, quality of equipment, proper follow up of the patients are the major factors which determine the quality of hospital. And before visiting your doctor, you must observe these factors for your satisfaction.

Communication way of staff and doctors:  Communication way of staff and doctors matters a lot, the more cooperative staff and doctors, more comfortable the patients will be.

Patient survey:  Always do a patient survey before visiting that neurosurgeon. Find the patients of that neurosurgeons and talk with them about surgeon’s behavior, environment of his/her office. These things will help you in talking comfortably with your surgeon.

Your budget: the last but the most important tip is your budget. Always go for the neurosurgeon who is in your budget so that you may afford diagnostics test, multiple visits to your surgeon.