We humans have a very bad habit of ignoring illness. We get a headache often and we take off the shelf medicines – self medicating ourselves which is very dangerous. Also, it is not very beneficial because, this is the treatment, not the cure. It is always better to prevent illness before it makes us seriously sick and that is why the doctors recommend of getting a medical checkup after every month.

This will also help you in finding any disease that is building up in your body and preventing from chronic disease as well. When the doctors say to come after a week, none of us show up that day because we already feel well and most of us leave the medicine course in the middle.

  • How Often Should We Get a Medical Check Up?

If you are above 50 then you should pay your doctor a visit after every 2 to 2.5 months and if you have less good health conditions then we suggest that you get checked up after every 40 days.

  • What are the Benefits of Getting Medical Check Ups?

There are many benefits of getting regular checkups;

  • You get to improve your health and stay updated on how to stay heathy and add more years to your life.
  • You can open up more with your doctor. Some people are too shy to tell what is wrong with them but there is saying never lie to your doctor and your lawyer because both will be saving your life. And due to regular checkups, you can build a connection of trust and tell whatever not feels in your body.
  • Preventing chronic sickness that can give you a huge health care bill.
  • With regular medical check up in Dubai, you can see the latest vaccinations and screenings.
  • According to the best nutritionist in Abu Dhabi, with regular checkups, you can get early treatments and cures before the issues get to the worst stage.
  • What Does the Doctor in a Medical Check Up?

Your doctor will be doing the following things;

  • See your medical history and your family’s medical history if there are any signs of inherited illness.
  • See the list of medical issues.
  • See the type of screenings and vaccinations you have gotten previously.