We all know the basics about Canada such as it shares one of the largest boarders with America by being second largest country in the world and that it’s also one of the coldest places on earth. It’s usually something that best immigration consultants in Dubai share about the place while providing their input on it. But what they don’t know are these fun facts that contribute to the Great White North:

  • Santa lives in Canada

You don’t believe us? Try searching Santa’s address HOH OHO and you will be directed to the North Pole where Montreal is situated. Santa receives millions of letters every year on Christmas from all over the world and that is the same place from where his Christmas tour sets in action. What’s better than visiting Santa’s den yourself where you get to see the place where magic happens?

  • Home for 70% of world’s polar bears

There are more than 15k polar bears that reside in Canada out of 25k present in this whole world. It is fascinating to see such arctic animals seeking shelter and every now and then you would see them in the extremities of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. This also means that Canada has a huge responsibility of preserving this wildlife as it is home to more than half of its population.

  • World’s largest coastline connecting three oceans

Canada has a huge biodiversity and the main reason for it is their coastline which spreads more than 125 thousand miles connecting three biggest oceans of Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific. They are also the source of rich marine life and the beautiful sceneries that stand tall even after all these years. It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions where they can capture the beauty in its purest form.

  • Tides and their heights

Some of the highest tidal heights have been recorded in this country where they are known to reach the height of 47.5 feet to 53 feet. This kind of tidal power can be a great source of renewable energy where the tidal power can be used. Most of the tides are recorded in the Bay of Fundy on the east coast mostly in spring. 

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