It’s so astonishing to see how far we have come. From living in dungeons and caves to building skyscrapers humans have evolved over the time. It is not only our lifestyle that we have switched but along with it there are a hundred other things that changed such as cakes. If you are tiny bit aware of the evolution of cakes, you would know that how Greeks cooked bread and milk together to form a solid sweet structure that would be broken or eaten on the weddings. Fast forward to 19th century where World War I is taking place. People are scattered all around and they are suffering through Depression period. People were losing their lives and it was hard to find food to eat let alone egg, sugar and butter. These were not the kind of ingredients that would be seen laying around in an average family’s pantry because mainly they were expensive and partly because they weren’t available.

Though cakes were considered a luxury sweet dish back then but no one could help the shortage of eggs and butter in the market which led people looking for substitutes. After searching aimlessly and experimenting with different ingredients, people finally started using shortening instead of butter, high quantity of baking soda in substitute of eggs and water instead of milk. Soon this recipe was adopted by different chefs and because these eggless cakes were invented in Depression period, they were known as ‘Depression cakes’ and hence the name. They were eaten by survivors of World War I in memory of the people and loved ones that they had lost. 

Since then, the recipe has kept evolving and people have found more substitutes of egg and that’s why eggless cake shops in Dubai exist. There are different ingredients that are used such as baking soda – of course, vinegar, yoghurt, apple sauce and many different things. One downside of eggless cake is that they are not very moist and dryer than the usual cakes. There is obviously no beating the original recipe but it is really good and useful for those people that are suffering through egg allergies and trying to practice a vegan diet. But if you find the right bakery which bakes the most delicious eggless order cakes in Dubai online then you’ve hit a jackpot.